Dr Michael Nguyen MBBS, BSc

Dr Michael Nguyen MBBS, BSc is an intensivist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he holds the position of ICU Senior Registrar. Michael was appointed as a director of Airandé on 15th February 2020. He has come on to the board to provide strategic sector direction as the Senior Medical Adviser to the company.

Michael’s interest in the Airandé approach to disinfection springs from his clinical experiences and from his knowledge of the extent, nature, and cost of hospital acquired infections across a range of clinical settings.

For the company’s internal use, Michael has compiled a significant analysis and review of the efficacy of the principles and practices of H2O2 and its potential in contemporary practice as an alternative, eco-friendly, response to the appearance and management of contamination by bacteria, mycobacteria, spores, fungicides, and viruses.

This literature review is kept current and continues to inform our deployment practices and our R&D.