Airandé | Airandé Special Projects
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Airandé Special Projects

Airandé Special Projects is a separate Division within the Company and is dedicated to delivering solutions to complex projects. 

Its focus and capabilities are working with

  • businesses with more than 100 employees
  • specialist settings in agri-food
  • stadia
  • health
  • multi-site corporations
  • government agencies
  • public transportation
  • and other complex settings 

that may purchase all or part of Airandé’s suite of disinfection, sanitisation, and purification technologies.

The team at Airandé Special Projects draws on their experience and knowledge of the needs of clients across many different market sectors.

In executing their Projects, the team draws on their internal capabilities of design, estimating, project management, financial management, purchasing, and installation. External capabilities include bespoke manufacturing and IT. Other capabilities are added as required by individual projects.

Airandé Special Projects is located on Queensland’s Gold Coast and in Airandé’s Head Office in Sydney.

The Special Projects Team leadership can be contacted as follows:

General Manager: Tom Hovey – (61 415 408 879)

Queensland Lead: Mike Hovey – (61 411 422 133)

General Inquiries: