Airandé | Airandé’s Finance Options
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Airandé’s Finance Options

Capex or Opex - Making Your Purchase Decision Easier

At Airandé we recognise the importance of you preserving your capital and managing your cashflow. 

Airandé can help you achieve both objectives through a range of financing options that are available direct through Airandé’s Head Office or through qualified resellers that are accredited to do so.

By offering asset leasing, rental, or deferred payment options, we can make easier your decision to purchase Airandé’s disinfection solutions.  

Two innovative finance packages are available to our clients. Airandé has worked to achieve partner status with two finance providers, Grenke and Procuret.

Grenke is a multinational finance company founded in Germany in 1977.  Operating in over 33 countries, Grenke set up operations in Australia with offices in Melbourne and Sydney opening in 2017.

Airandé’s partnership with Grenke includes opex solutions that include asset leasing and rental. Airandé’s flexible end-of-term options mean that our clients can own, hand-back, refinance, or update equipment with a new finance package. Airandé’s asset leasing and rental programmes have terms of between 12 months and 60 months. Our relationship with Grenke also makes available a Master Lease which is ideal for businesses that require the flexibility to invest in multiple assets, when they need them across a 12-month period. This can be done under the one lease agreement rather than individual agreements for each subsequent purchase.  

Procuret is an accessible and easy-to-use payment platform that provides Airandé’s customers with the opportunity to pay for their Airandé purchase over time. An Australian Fintech, Procuret was founded in 2018 and operates nationally with plans to launch soon in New Zealand.

The Procuret option differs from that offered through the Grenke package. With Procuret, you own the product from day one with none of the obligations or documentation of an asset leasing and rental programme. Procuret will enable time-based repayment terms of up to 36 months.

Naturally, there is an application process that determines your eligibility for Airandé’s finance packages. This is simple and quick. Both providers have sophisticated back-end platforms that will assess your eligibility and approve (or pre-approve) your application within a matter of hours. Each provider has guidelines around transaction size and documentation required. The ultimate decision to offer either of these packages to you is determined by Grenke and Procuret – depending on the option you are wishing to exercise.

For further information contact Airandé at and include FINANCE in your message header. Or, phone us on +61 2 9844 5826 and ask for Bill Hovey.

Making Your Purchase Decision Easier