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Product Catalogue

Airandé’s focus on innovation, research, and development in the disinfection field is extremely important in achieving its goal of providing leadership in the management and removal of microbial contamination in a broad range of sectors.

Recognising that microbial contamination is not alone as a source of illness, Airandé’s holistic approach to the problem integrates its own technologies as well as those of its partners. This means that we have the capacity to deal with and remove from all settings

  1.  viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, any mycobacteria, as well as
  2. particulate matter and odours, while providing
  3. tools that monitor, measure, and help manage the an environment’s indoor environmental health – especially its air, lighting, odours, and noise (all of which are known to prompt illness and diminished well-being.

Our current catalogue speaks to our total approach by showcasing a comprehensive set of products and technologies. While some of these are narrowly focused on professional settings such as hospitals and specialisations such as dental clinics, our broader offering of hospital-grade disinfectants are equally at home and effective wherever the removal of microbial contamination is an important goal in ensuring the well-being of

  1. people with whom we live, work, eat, shop, and travel, and
  2. the food that we grow, harvest, and transport.

Specific hardware products deploy specific disinfectant solutions designed to sanitise surfaces and air including objects that are otherwise highly contaminated by bacteria. Others operate to help you control your indoor environment, and manage and remediate threats such as high levels of carbon dioxide, vaping and THC, odours, and particulate matter.

We continue explore efficient and effective solutions that speak to our core values:

  1. Excellence in science, and
  2. Environmental friendliness, while
  3. Making a contribution to humanity.
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Catalogue – 2023/2024