Airandé | An Innovation In Hygiene for the Transportation Sector
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An Innovation In Hygiene for the Transportation Sector

Airandé Superior Disinfection Solution

Airandé is delighted to be bringing a revolutionary disinfection system to Innotrans. Our unique system will change the way you manage contamination and help reduce the risk of passenger and staff infection and illness in your transportation business.

The Airandé Disinfection System brings together an innovation in breakthrough technology with a clean, non-toxic application of H2O2 in vapourised and liquid form creating a simple, cost-effective and accurate way to prioritise the health and wellbeing of passengers and transportation workers.

How the System Works

  • Manual disinfection

    as a part of your regular cleaning cycle or between high-volume disinfection cycles (using Airandé 3.25% H2O2 solution).

  • High-volume disinfection

    through airborne circulation of dry-fog in particle size (using either the Airandé Nebula DF-1, the Airande Aridus DF-2, or the Airandé Hygien’Air in conjunction with the Airandé 7.9% H2O2 solution).

  • Air and Surface Purification

    with the Airandé range of photocatalytic air purifiers that complement the actions of the Airandé H2O2 disinfection, and also ensure higher levels of air and surface decontamination over time.

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