Airandé | Indoor Environmental Quality Systems
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Indoor Environmental Quality Systems

Rubix Environmental Quality System

Product Description

Today’s emphasis on managing CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) levels in Indoor Environments is extremely important. There is much to be said about the steps to be taken to ensure that wherever people gather indoors the air that we breathe is safe.

Improving ventilation is one very important first step to ensuring air quality. But managing CO2 is only one measure of a safe environment. And, by itself, CO2 may not provide the necessary indicator that there is a risk of viral transmission.

Airandé is an exclusive distributor in Australia of the Rubix Environmental Quality Management System. This is a tool that is invaluable for employers, facilities managers, and the operators of clubs, restaurants, theatres, and public transportation. Why?

The Rubix Environmental Quality System measures and monitors the 4 critical environmental conditions which aggregate to allow movement and propagation of a virus:  (i) CO2 concentration (ii) Particulate Matter (PM), (iii) Temperature, and (iv) Humidity.

The Rubix Environmental Quality System delivers real-time analysis through the Cloud. This triggers alerts when the conditions in relation to viral transmission reach critical levels that will enable remediation to commence quickly and efficiently.

In addition to its measurement of air quality, the Rubix Environmental Quality System measures and reports on a range of environmental factors that negatively impact on employee productivity and on employee or guest well-being. 

A unique aspect of the Rubix Environmental Quality System is its ability to “read” the volume of chemicals that are used to clean your site. Then it will make recommendations about increasing or reducing your cleaning cycles and the volume of chemicals that you are using.

Airandé and Rubix: working together with site operators to help restore confidence and provide reassurance about the safety of the total environment wherever people gather.

Learn more about the Rubix Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring Systems by downloading the Fact Sheet.

Email us at Airandé at – write RUBIX in the message header. Or call Tom Hovey at +61 2 9844 5826 or on 61 415 408 879.

Product Fact Sheet