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Air & Surface – Medical

CASPR Technologies – is the sister company of ReSPR Technologies. The latter had since 2000 a strong history in the development of NCC Technology and its application in industrial and medical settings in Europe, LATAM, SE Asia, and ANZ

CASPR Technologies is a purpose-driven business that commenced in 2015 in the USA.Its principal focus was to take the lessons learned from ReSPR and apply them to the health sector.

The third plank in Airandé’s approach to disinfection is continuous air and surface purification. To achieve this, Airandé is the exclusive distributor in Australia, New Zealand, and Belgium of the built-for-purpose CASPR range of NCC air purification technologies. The CASPR NCC is the next generation of PCO technology that captures particles of 0.001 microns in size compared with HEPA filters that capture particles of 0.1 microns or larger.

NCC is an acronym for Natural Catalytic Conversion. By using patented technology, NCC produces H2O2 continuously at a level of 0.03ppm. Way inside global safety standards – and no more than the concentration of H2O2 that is found in nature.

The benefits of the CASPR technology are it removes (i) pathogens from the air and from all of the surfaces in the rooms and spaces where it is used, and (ii) it increases the ventilation in that space.

The CASPR medical grade air and surface purification system is distributed by Airandé. When used in US hospitals it has been shown to remove all pathogens linked to hospital acquired infections. As a result, these have been reduced dramatically as a result. And, hospital staff absenteeism has also been cut.

Airandé and its partners have installed the CASPR technologies in hospitals, ambulances, and emergency vehicles.



Product Description

The CASPR COMPACT substantially reduces microbial populations in the air and on surfaces

The CASPR COMPACT utilizes Natural Catalytic Converter (NCC) technology.

Perfect for indoor pollution control, odour reduction, contamination prevention, and more.

NCC consists of a special UV light that creates an enhanced catalytic oxidation process resulting in several friendly oxidisers.

The CASPR COMPACT is effective against bacteria and other pathogens, mould, odours, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in populated indoor areas.

Product Application

The convenience of a portable unit requiring no complex installation combined with the effective technology of the COMPACT makes this machine the ultimate tool in the effort to reduce odours, smoke, and microorganisms in locations such as clinics, dental surgeries, day surgeries, oncology units, aged care homes, and dialysis units.

Product Attributes

The CASPR COMPACT is suited for any indoor area where people live, air pollution is a challenge, and where increased ventilation is required.

The COMPACT requires no installation and its settings are operated by remote control. Low maintenance required with washable filters and replacement Cell every 2 years.

Product Benefits
  • Up to 99.999% kill rate of pathogens on surfaces
  • Effective against bacteria, pathogens, and mould
  • Easy installation – Plug and Play
  • Effective against odours and VOCs
  • Safe, discreet and silent
Product Options
SKU/Product Code: Description
Aus: AIR_COM-10-564


Colour: White
Package: 1 x per Carton
Dimensions: Length 33 cm x Width 22.22 cm x Depth 27.3cm
Weight: 4.6 kg
Coverage: up to 140m2
Electrical: 120/220 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 70 watts
Mechanical: Adjustable fan; 460 cfm
HEPA Filter: Optional (SKU: /02)
Product Fact Sheet


Product Description

The CASPR MEDIK is a no-touch technology that continuously deploys highly effective oxidisng molecules that are safe enough for occupied spaces and well below the safety standards mandated by authorities globally including NIOSH and OSHA in the USA.

CASPR MEDIK uses NCC Technology – a proprietary technology deveoped by CASPR that converts ambient humidity to measureable amounts of H2O2 with no trace of by-products (formaldehyde, ozone, etc).

The CASPR MEDIK is installed in a facility’s HVAC system.

The CASPR MEDIK can be accommodated in both closed HVAC systems and in open systems.

Product Application

The CASPR MEDIK is suited for use across an entire hospital.

It is safe to use in occupied spaces. No downtime for critical areas while the Medik is in use.

It works on all surfaces – including floors.

It is strategic enough to target specific units.

Product Attributes

The CASPR MEDIK Range is easy to install by a licensed professional

It is flexible in its sizing and can work with any configuration.

Low maintenance with replacement of the NCC Cell every 18-months to 2 years dependent on the operating environment.

Low level cleaning required.

Product Benefits

Reduces micro-burdens facility-wide.

Demonstrated reduction of HAIs, and staff absenteeism, at hospitals where the system has been deployed.

Up to 99.6% kill rate of pathogens on surfaces

Continuous operation reduces Colony Forming Units (CFUs) and prevents them from multiplying in-between episodic cleaning and disinfecting

Effective against bacteria, viruses, and mould

Effective against odours and VOCs

Safe, discreet and silent

Product Options
SKU/Product Code: Description




Colour: White
Package: 1 x per Carton
Dimensions: MED 500: (L) 24.8cm x (W) 24.8 cm x Depth 27.94 cm
Weight: 1.6kg
Dimensions: MED 1250: (L) 24.8cm x (W) 24.8cm x (D) 42.5cm
Coverage: all or part(s) of a facility’s HVAC system
Electrical: 120/277 VAC; 50/60 Hz;
Medik 500: 47W (start up), 36.8W (operation)
Medik 1250: 73W (start up), 59.5W (operation)
Mechanical: distribution by air handler
Product Fact Sheet