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A innovation in hygiene for the Dental Industry

Airandé’s focus on preventing contamination of contagents to Dentists, Staff and their Patients.

Research confirms that contamination in dental surgeries poses significant dangers to dentists, their staff, and their patients.

Air surfaces, water in dental units, dental materials and instruments are all vehicles for cross contamination with various microorganisms.

Practices to control infection should be part of the organisation of every dental surgery. In general dental surgeries should be seen more as operating theatres than offices in order to minimise the risk of cross contamination.

Disinfection between patients should be made as easy as possible and should extend to all contaminated areas.

Airandé’s Disinfection Solution is easy to implement, fast acting, considerate to the environment and one of the safest options for dentists, dental nurses and patients.

What the experts are saying:

There has been significant research into the risks of exposure to infection in dental surgeries:

Bennett et al (2000) reported that dentists in general practice and their assistants have an increased risk of exposure to aerolised microbiological pathogens. For example, they are potentially exposed to a higher risk of exposure toMycobacterium tuberculosis than the general public.

Monorca et al (2000) observe that dentists and their staff show higher concentrations of serum antigen and antibodies for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and Legionella spp than the lay population and an increased prevalence of respiratory infections and symptoms related to aerosols.

Dacraene et al (2008) found that Propionibacterium acnes, Micrococcus luteus and Staphylococcus epidermidis were frequently isolated in dental surgeries regardless of whether the any clinical activities were taking place.

The Solution

Airandé’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions to contamination strengthen the infection control practices that should be a part of the protocols of every dental surgery.