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Cellphone & Object Sanitisation

Cellphone and Object Sanitisation

Product Description

The pandemic has taught us some key lessons about personal hygiene. One of these is the importance of hand sanitisation. This means that we have all spent hundreds of hours over the past 2 years keeping our hands clean with hand sanitisers, alcohol wipes, and good old-fashioned soap and water.

But, how well do we keep sanitised the everyday objects that are important to us? Our mobile phones, for example? Or menus at our favourite café? Or the TV remote control in our hotel rooms?

How often do you clean your mobile phone? How often do you take your mobile phone to the bathroom?

Dr Lotti Tajouri**, a molecular biologist at Bond University, studied the mobile phones carried by health-care workers in hospitals. They found that 52% of those surveyed said that they took their phones into the bathroom, and 57% said that they never washed their mobile phone.

According to Dr Tajouri, an analysis of swabs taken from the phones of those surveyed confirmed that “…those mobile phones are actually probably transmitting diseases because (they) are Trojan horses for the enemies that we carry with us all the time: all those germs”. 

The Manoa Hand and Object Disinfection System disinfects hands in 3 seconds and mobile phones in 5 seconds. Other objects such as documents, books, menus, hotel-room TV remotes are all totally disinfected within a matter of seconds.

The kill mechanism in the Manoa Disinfection System is UV-C light which is shielded from the eyes of the users. The units can be fitted with a range of displays allowing them to double-up as sanitizing stations and communication boards. Useful for showing menus, room allocations, and directions. Multi-purpose. Elimination of costly hand sanitizers.  Restoring  confidence and reassurance with your employees, customers, and guests.

To learn more about the Manoa Hand and Object Disinfection System, download the Technical and Product Fact Sheets.

[**Dr Lotti Tajouri in Mathew Olsen et al, :Mobile Phones represent a pathway for microbial transmission: A scoping review”, Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, 35, May-June (2020) 101704]

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Product Fact Sheet