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A innovation in hygiene for the Healthcare Industry

Airande’s focus on preventing contamination in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare settings.

There are many sources of infection in the healthcare environment. These result in increases in mortality and morbidity. They place an additional and unnecessary strain on medical systems through increased bed-stays and greater economic cost.

The risk of transmission of infectious diseases among healthcare workers is very real. This contamination of the personnel can be done either by the patient, by another caregiver or by a contaminated environment.

Certain bacteria that cause nosocomial diseases are resistant to treatment by antibiotics (e.g., VRE, MRSA, and Pseudomonas). Up to 30% of annual contamination would be preventable.

Airande’s Disinfection Solution is easy to implement, fast acting, considerate to the environment and one of the safest options for clinicians, health care administrators and of course their patients.

What the experts are saying:]

Centre for Infectious Disease Research Policy CDC (2015)

On the basis of a 2011 study, the CDC has increased it’s estimate of the annual burden of Clostridium Difficile infection in the US, putting it at 453.000 cases per year with 29.300 associated death.

Dr Michael Bell stressed the need to respond to C Difficile by preventing needless use of antibiotics and ensuring rigorous infection control in healthcare settings.

R Douglas Scott said in the publication “The Direct Medical Cost of Healthcare – associated Infections in US Hospital and Benefit of Prevention” that the overall annual direct medical cost of HAI to US hospital ranges from 28,4 to 33,8 billion US dollars.

Non-manual techniques for terminal disinfection of hospital rooms have gained increasing interest in recent years as means to reduce transmission of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs). A prospective crossover study by Blazejewski and colleagues in five ICUs of a French academic hospital with a high prevalence of MDRO carriers showed that two different hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)- based non-touch disinfection techniques reduced environmental contamination with MDROs after routine cleaning.

The Solution

Airandé’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions is one of the most effective options for reducing environmental contaminants and consequent acquisition of infection. Airande Disinfection Solution can eliminate contamination from the healthcare environment and reduce the risk of contamination through bacteria, viruses, spores, yeasts, fungi, and moulds.