Airandé | Tom Hovey
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Tom Hovey

Tom is Airandé’s Operations Director and General Manager, Airandé Special Projects. He is responsible for Airandé’s day to day operations as well as logistics and account management.

Tom oversees the ongoing and effective implementation of Airandé’s Quality Management System under ISO 13485. In order to stay abreast of Airandé’s obligations under ISO 13485, Tom has completed further BSI training courses in Internal Audit and in Medical Devices Risk Management

Tom’s role means that he deals with compliance, risk, warranty claims, and customer service. He is responsible for the training of service technicians.

Tom leads Airandé Special Projects. He also assists the CEO with the development and execution of short and long-term strategy.

Tom served for four years in the Australian Defence Force. He is also a qualified HVAC mechanic. The skills he has picked up from his work in Defence and in the private sector assists Airandé with their strategy, risk management and customer service. His technical skills help customers get the most out of their Airande products.

“When I first heard about Airandé I was fascinated about the technology, how the products worked as well as the amount of industries that their products can be applied. Being such a young company, I am excited by the challenge and look forward to seeing and helping Airande build a new standard when it comes to disinfection.”