Airandé | Mike Hovey
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Mike Hovey

Mike is the Queensland Portfolio Manager of Airandé Special Projects. Reporting to the GM, Special Projects, Mike is responsible for Business Development in Airandé’s key vertical markets.

Mike has many years’ experience working on business development in market verticals where complex solutions require technical nous, project management, and a commitment to execution.

Mike has lived and worked in Queensland for close to forty years. During that time he has successfully filled sales management and business development roles that have resulted in better than incremental growth that has been sustained over time. 

As a Gold Coast resident, Mike has a strong affinity with all things Queensland. In providing the lead to his team at Airandé Special Projects (Qld), Mike has said: “I am committed to creating openings for more Queenslanders to become involved in the Airandé business where they will work alongside employers and agencies on projects of real significance. Those projects where the Airandé approach to managing and mitigating the risks from pathogenic contamination will make a significant difference to the people of Queensland.”