Airandé | Jasmin Romic
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Jasmin Romic

Jasmin is responsible for heading Airandé’s Finance team, in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer. Her role includes ensuring that Airandé’s accounting function is set up with the best technology solutions, in order to support Airandé’s growth and expansion targets.

With 30 years of experience in building businesses from the ground up, Jasmin has a background working as a CFO as well as in entrepreneurship. This experience comes from working with hundreds of businesses, from start up to established and within a diverse portfolio of industries. Part of her exposure comes from having co-founded and managed Quiddity, a company which delivers a professional and delegated finance department service to small and medium enterprises. In 2015 Jasmin was recognised as a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

With a passion for technology and efficient information transfer, Jasmin has headed and implemented a range of automation and innovation projects with a focus on agile technology. Her mantra “is there a better way?” has led to the development of a methodology, which bridges the gap between finance and operations and positions a business to operate proactively.

Jasmin’s strengths are in strategy, financial management, supporting capital raising and developing adaptive business models. Jasmin holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree and is currently serving on the Board of St Sava College