Airandé | James Huey
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James Huey

Together with Bill Hovey, James is a founder of Airandé. James acted as a Director of the Company from its inception in August 2016 until the end of August 2021. On his retirement as a Director, James assumed the role of “Brand Ambassador” and he continues to work actively on the promotion of the Company and its interests.

James had a 30+ year career in the financial services industry, before shifting his focus some 20 years ago to corporate advisory roles, specialising in investment banking, M&A, private equity and venture capital.

His financial services career involved him in major corporate turn-arounds, expansion strategies, mergers, and large game-changing I.T. projects, as well as executive responsibility for management of cross-border regional activity, and large business units (10,000+ people).

For the past sixteen years his main geographic focus has been China, and he has resided in Beijing for most of the past nine years, where he acts as a “corporate matchmaker” working for Chinese clients who wish to acquire businesses or technologies from outside China, or clients from outside China who seek to enter the China market or find a Chinese partner or investor. He is now industry-agnostic but has a special continuing interest in financial services as well as the life sciences and green technology sectors.

He is (or has been) a non-executive Director of several listed and unlisted companies in Australia, mostly involved in I.T., financial services, or property development.

James has a BSc (Hons – Financial Services) from the University of Manchester (UK) as well as other formal qualifications in accounting and corporate governance.