Airandé | Fabienne Mertens
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Fabienne Mertens

With more than 15 years of commercial experience in medical technology and disinfection, Fabienne is passionate about research, compliance, and the education of practitioners and end-users.

Fabienne helps create and bring to the company a complete range of ecologically friendly, innovative, and user-safe products that solve a broad range of contamination problems including nosocomial diseases.

Fabienne says:

“In my role, I must listen to customers about their issues and needs. I then ensure the quality of products and devices produced by Airandé. I share with our Principal Scientific Officer the supervision of studies and tests with the help of renowned scientists. And, I cannot do my role well without ensuring a continuous information flow to and from our partners and customers. And I always remain alert to new technologies”.

Fabienne is a Hospital Nurse with specializations in emergency, intensive care and disaster medicine, and has trained nurses and paramedics in these fields. She has also taken courses in management and negotiation.

“What I like about Airandé is the responsiveness, the flexibility and the ‘taste’ of the challenge. The thought that inspires me most is: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.