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The Airandé DF Range

Product Description

The Airandé DF Range includes Nebula DF-1 and Aridus DF-2 provides optimal surface disinfection after manual cleaning. The Airandé DF Range delivers an extended spectrum of activity to remove contamination from a wide range of sources including bacteria, viruses, spores, and moulds.

The Airandé DF Range can  be used in all areas that require a high level of disinfection.

The Airandé DF Range comes with a easy-to-manage trolley and a portable printer.

The Airandé DF nebulizers can be simply removed from the trolley and carried in a specially designed bag enabling the operator to take their Airandé nebulizer into even the smallest of spaces.

Product Application

Disinfects spaces between 20m3 and 275m3

Ideal for use across a range of industries including healthcare, dentistry, agrifood, veterinary,  laboratories, ambulances, and clean rooms. In fact, in any area that requires a high level of disinfection.

Use of the Airandé DF Range is complementary to manual cleaning and disinfection which cannot itself guarantee homogeneous disinfection.

Product Attributes

Limited down-time of the treated area (for example, a treatment room, operating theatre, dental surgery, laboratory, commercial kitchen, etc).

2-year Warranty.

Rapid diffusion: 5 min (50m3) to 45 min depending on the total area (m3) of the area being cleaned.

Economical: 7ml/m3.

No volatile organic compounds.

Dry nebulization – not wet –  leaving no residue on surfaces.

Ergonomic design and Easy to use.

Reaches all surface areas – even the most difficult to reach or even to see.

Kills all sources of surface contamination – including bacteria, viruses, spores, and moulds.

No risk of corrosion of most common substrate surfaces.

Depending on the model, the Airandé DF Range provides excellent levels of traceability of use, date, operator, room ID, reason for disinfection: all downloadable through USB and printed by the handheld printer

Product Options
SKU/Product Code: Description
AIR-DF-1-01N Airandé Nebula DF-1
AIR-DF-2-01A Airandé Aridus DF-2
AIR-DF-1-1SP The Nebula Package Includes a Trolley and Rollaway Bag
AIR-DF-1-1CP Complex Package Includes Trolley and Roll-A-Bag
AIR-DF-1-01T Trolley
AIR-DF-1-0RB Rollaway Bag
Product Fact Sheet


Product Description

Hygien’Air is a nebulizing spray machine that rapidly disinfects defined spaces and surfaces by using high technology solutions.

Available in a range of configurations and colours:

Flow-rate: 7ml
3, 5ml3, 1ml3

Colour: Green or Blue

Product Application

Hygien’Air can be used with appropriate disinfectants solutions and insecticides.

Hygien’Air can be used in the all areas where hygiene is important including medical and para-medical fields. ambulances, laboratories, vets, agrofood, pharmaceutical, military.

Product Attributes

Efficient: decontaminate and disinfect spaces and areas that are difficult to reach manually

Disinfects spaces between 5m3 and 165m3.

Homogeneous disinfection action.

Safe for users: automated device that switches on automatically after 90 sec. or 600 sec.

Simple and fast: Easy to program the device with the display and to set it according to the desired area of the surface area to be disinfected (m3 ).

Dry nebulization, no humidity on surfaces – > no risk of corrosion.

Ecological disinfection, environment-friendly Cost-effective application.

2 Year Warranty.

Little maintenance required meaning down-time is limited.

Product Options
SKU/Product Code: Description
AIR-HA-01-7B Hygien’Air

Flow Rate: 7ml3

Color: Blue

AIR-HA-01-7G Hygien’Air

Flow Rate: 7ml3

Color: Blue

AIR-HA-02-5B Hygien’Air

Flow Rate: 5ml3

Color: Blue

AIR-HA-02-5G Hygien’Air

Flow Rate: 5ml3

Color: Blue

AIR-HA-03-1G Hygien’Air

Flow Rate: 1ml3

Color: Green

Product Fact Sheet